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With our Affordable Windows Repair team, you can be sure that each window repair  in New-York is done with great attention to detail. We deliver the most effective service, no matter of the type of the repair you need. Give us your trust and make sure the job is completed in the best manner.


Each window is unique. We have done many repairs on different kinds of windows, and depending on the complexity, we have provided different services. That’s part of our expertise. With the long experience and strong professionalism, we did many successful jobs. If you need window repair Brooklyn, go for our service.

Common repair issues that Adler Windows specialize in include:

  • Hard to open and/or close windows
  • Foggy glass or condensation
  • Parts are missing or broken
  • Windows are drafty

Other possible issues

  • A Rough Sliding Window
    If your window is sliding, but it’s doing so roughly and you’re afraid the window may become stuck or might even break. Rough sliding can cause issues later, and it’s best to take care of the problem while it’s still relatively mild.
  • A Window That Is Rattling
    A window that’s rattling is one that’s not secure. If it’s the window that’s not the slider, then we need to seal the edges of the window.
  • A Window That Has A Bent Track
    Stuck windows can sometimes be caused by a bent track. When this happens, the rollers can’t glide, as the track has been interrupted.

Completing the New Look

It is not all about beauty. There is a lot more about functionality. In order to provide the highest functionality to your windows, we use the special tools and renewal options that give the best results. It is part of long experience to know what exactly needs to be done if you need more functionality. That handle switch or jalousie rotation might be a difference you need to make.

Call our team and get the effective window repair solution in Brooklyn and NYC!

Discover Affordable Wіndows Repair Replacement Windows

Our window repair Brooklyn NY is one of the best you can find. Affordable Wіndows Repair is becoming a leader when it comes to window replacement and renewal. Choose our team to see why we are unique.

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Q How long will my window repair last?

A Depending on your specific case, we can ensure that window repair will be done in some reasonable periods of time, especially if the repair does not require searching for parts on the market. If this is necessary, the repair will last a little bit longer.

Q How to save more energy with window replacement?

You can save more energy by adding special insulation layers around the window case. It is the most effective and very affordable way to save more energy.

Q How to repair the window without replacing the whole window?

A In most situations, you can replace a sagging hinge or a broken crank operator, which will be an ideal solution to repair the window without the complete window replacement.

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