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Wired Glassr

Wired glass is a low cost fire-resistant glass, having a wire mesh embedded during the production stage. In the event of breakage, the wired mesh retains glass pieces and prevents them from breaking out under duress. When exposed to fire or high temperatures, the mesh prevents the other side to be prevented from harmful effects of the flame. The wired glass is a perfect addition to any space, where a solid fire barrier is needed. A rarity in residential buildings, the wired mesh is widely used in commercial areas, including business building, schools, public buildings, where this provides emergency exits in the event of fire.

With the right team, you can be sure that each installation project will be done correctly. It is our strong philosophy to provide the most effective service to all our clients. We use the quality wired glass in every installation project, and we are sure that each client will be satisfied with our assistance. If you need quality methods and most effective results, call our team.

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is typically 2 pieces of glass with a plastic inner layer. The most common application for this glass is the windshield of a car. If the windshield is broken, the laminated glass will keep the passenger inside the vehicle. Another common application is in jewelry stores to defend against robbery. The inner layer is .030 thick, providing an excellent ultraviolet screen which can reduce fading in upholstered items and carpets. This type of glass also has sound reduction qualities.
Before installation of laminated glass, you must know certain facts about this kind of glass. It is not only strong and resistant, but it also provides better protection to your residential area.

Tempered Glass

Installation of tempered glass is not always easy. And we know that very well. That is why we use some of the most modern solutions in tempered glass installation, and we make it with one intention – to make you more satisfied with our job. Our clients are our best recommending partners and we try to serve each client with complete dedication to each detail in the process. All the way from cutting to the overall installation, our team can offer great support in tempered glass installation.

Tempered glass increases the strength of the glass approximately 4 times; however, the process makes the glass brittle and can warp its surface. The process involves heating the glass to approximately 1400 degrees, then chilling (quenching) it to 200 degrees within 2 minutes. Tempered glass, once tempered, cannot be re-cut without shattering. For this reason, all fabrication must be done before the glass is tempered.

Custom Glass

Custom glass installation is easier to obtain than you may think. Whether you are looking to have a single accent pane installed in your home or are hoping to have your business completely outfitted with new panes, custom glass can be a way to easily enhance the elegance of your living or office space.


Need a more custom solution? We can handle that too! Our expertise is in providing customized solutions that are a perfect fit for every area of your home. And we guarantee your satisfaction because we are committed to our clients. If you’re in the northwest suburbs and surrounding area and in need of an excellent custom glass installation specialist, give us a call today!

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Q What are the benefits of tempered glass?

A The most important benefit is the safety that tempered glass provides to the users. When this glass breaks, it cannot injure the users, since it breaks into small, circular particles.

Q How strong the glass is?

A You can apply much heat and noise, but the wired glass won’t break. That’s why many users like it.

Q How to choose between tempered and laminated glass?

A If you need the glass for prolonged safety and functionality, go for laminated glass. On the other hand, if you need more affordable solution, choose tempered glass.

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