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If you are looking for reliable and affordable glass shelves installation NY, you are at the right place. Here, we offer the service with the most effective installation methods for the full satisfaction of our clients.

Installation and Repair

Getting the right glass shelves installation NY is always quite challenging. We need to consider your interior details, the overall quality of the shelves and the position that might be the most suitable for your room. When we take into account all these circumstances, we can start with the installation. Getting the best functionality from the glass shelves is the highest priority of ours. We try to maintain the same functionality like in the case of wooden shelves, so the overall installation must be very detail-oriented.

Improving the Interior

If you decide to install glass shelves, you are probably aware of all the potential of this kind of shelves. These are functional, reliable and beautiful. The last thing, the beauty, is more than important in the whole process. When installing the right shelves, we consider the whole interior improvement of your home. That is why we plan, prepare and apply the effective rules in the process of installation.

Varieties and installation details

Most glass shelves are held in place with metal mounts. How the shelves are secured to the mounts differs and how the mounts are attached to the wall also differs. Most shelves have a hidden bracket that is secured to the wall. The mount then slips over the bracket and is secured with a setscrew. The most basic models may have mounts that are screwed directly into the wall with exposed screws. The directions here are for shelving that uses hidden brackets.

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Q Is tempered glass better for glass shelves?

Yes, tempered glass is more durable and less prone to scratches and damages.

Q Can I install multiple glass shelves?

A You can install multiple layers of glass shelves at your home. Each of them adds special functionality.

Q Will my glass shelves installation last for long?

A If you choose the right team, the installation will be done in a fast manner.

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