Aluminum Trim Capping

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If you are looking for an affordable and effective solution for your windows and doors, choose our aluminum trim capping Brooklyn service. You can be sure you found the right companion.

What Is Trim Capping?

The term “capping” or “wrapping” refers to cladding your home’s exterior trim with a durable, weatherproof and long-lasting material that simulates the original finish and color. Synthetic materials like aluminum or vinyl are cut and shaped to the same profile as your trim and set over top. The wood window, door, rake and fascia casings are then “encased” in a maintenance-free material.

Trim capping benefits

  • Low or no maintenance for years to come

  • Protection from elements that wear and rot wood

  • Isolating trim from insects such as termites and beetles

  • Resistance from fire, frost and freezing

  • Excellent appearance for a continuous “just-painted” look

  • One time-cost with long-term money savings

  • Convenience from continual time savings

  • Variety of material and color choices

Repairing Jobs and Installation

We use the quality aluminum capping during the whole process of installation. When we are sure that everything is prepared adequately, we can proceed to the next level of the job. Cutting, adjusting and installation are the jobs we need to make, and each segment has the specific details to consider. We pay attention to all of the segments and provide the most effective results. Your capping will be done in the best manner.

Discover the Best Aluminum Trim Capping

Thanks to the long experience and detail oriented service, our team is ready to assist you in all aluminum trim capping Brooklyn jobs.

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Q Is aluminum trip capping safe?

The capping is a safe method for prolonging the life of your windows and doors, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Q How long does the process last?

A Depending on the specific case, it can last from few hours to several days, if the wood is more demanding for capping application.

Q Is aluminum trim capping a long-lasting solution?

A Once you apply the right capping, you can be safe for long periods of time. It is important to install the trim adequately with the help of the reliable professionals.

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